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    Send Large Files With Great Ease

    Fast And Free File Transfer

    Send large files to unlimited number of recipients. Upload multiple data at once and share the unique download link. Transfer big files up to 2GB fast and for free via . Nothing can ever be compared to the flexibility and ease offered by SendTransfer.

    Now, you can send large files

    regardless of size and format. This type of file transferring service is very useful for businesses and organizations that needs to send large documents to clients. This saves a lot of time since you no longer need to install special software in the computer that eats up great amount of memory. SendTransfer is the safest and secured method for

    large files transfer

    . Even those individuals who have limited technological knowhow can understand the process clearly and follow every steps needed to send large files.

    With just some clicks, you can send large files online. SendTransfer let you upload single or even multiple documents simultaneously and share download link through messaging client or social networking sites. Through this, there will be no waiting time when downloading and uploading of data. This provides dependable, usability and excellent loading speed of files. All given options and steps are visible and understandable for you to easily remember things needed.


    tried showing and implementing only the needed elements for you not to get confuse. Unlike any other file transferring services in the market today, SendTransfer is free of cost. For every single data up to 2GB data transfer, you can utilize SendTransfer for free and without limit.
    In this modern era, technology has driven countless of people to constantly share pictures, videos and various larger files. Despite the fact that

    sharing files

    is essential part of life regardless if it involves corporate or personal related needs, it would be frustrating when data takes century to upload. In addition, if the file size you’re about to transfer is bigger than 25MB, you cannot upload these through free email server since they does not accept large attachments.

    Transferring big files through

    conventional method is real pain-in-the-neck. Even utilization of courier service doesn’t make sense if you need to receive or transfer files instantaneously and securely. Even compressing the data is not a possible solution.

    Your ISP or Internet Service Provider may not also be helpful, even File Transfer Protocol which had been in the industry for a quite some time now that is use to share files among computers on TCP/P network is not helpful when it comes to large transferring of files. In addition, FTP also holds complex method which makes it hard for both receiver and sender to use it. They both need to install the complicated special software just for them to send files. The installation process itself is hard to understand due to technical terminologies being used by it, for nontechnical users, this is truly disrupting and hollow. Since there are high risks of

    big data

    theft during the process, most large businesses and organizations prefer purchasing their own server space. However, due to expensive cost of such service, not all people can avail of it.

    SendTransfer represents

    one of the most recent solutions in the online file sharing domain, allowing users to easily exchange documents, pictures, videos and various other file types up to 2GB in size.

    If you have tried transferring large size files using your email, you might be familiar with their message which states that the documents you have attached were big enough for them to send. Receiving bounced emails can really be frustrating. The best possible solution is for you to utilize

    file transfer

    services. This state-of-the-art information technology took online world by storm since it made file transferring process fast and easy. Now you can send large files in just a short period of time through SendTransfer. This allows you to send large files for free (unlimited) anywhere and anytime.

    The site is currently free to use

    providing customers with an excellent opportunity to send large files of any kind, in a fast and secure manner.
    How does it work

    SendTransfer is the most in demand method these days when it comes to large file transferring through email. This provide quick, simple and successful file transferring using 3 easy steps. This site is very user friendly and does not require technical knowhow. SendTransfer does not also obligate you to give personal information or signup in order to utilize the service. The only thing that is needed is an “Email Address” with a message and your “recipients address” too. Your files will be uploaded to cloud base solution using extreme speed, and ease the soonest possible time that you have selected them from your computer.

    Majority of people wants to have fast and dependable uploading method when it comes to

    transferring of big files

    . In view of this, SendTransfer arranged the most useful and convenient way of doing such. Through this, no security codes and registration are required. These allow you to select all possible file type which includes: photos, PowerPoint presentation, videos, CAD and more. You can add unlimited amount of files since there’s no stipulated limit in the file uploading box.

    SendTransfer objective

    is to provide you exceptional comfort experience possible in transferring of data. Whether your photographer who is looking forward of sending hundreds to thousands of pictures, or an architect that desires to transfer countless larger 3D/CAD files. SendTransfer can easily let you avail and make use of its service.

    User friendly, comfortable and fast file transfer is what SendTransfer provides. Your data will be available for 14 days. This serves as your alternative online email services which allow sending of files without any single file-size limit and registration. In addition, through unique implemented uploading solution, you will not just enjoy using the website but you will get addicted to it as well. Now, you can share big files to wide number of friends globally safely and efficiently.

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